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Every week, on the main Horses To Follow section of this website, we post five horses that Donn thinks will be worth following in the near future, together with the reasons why and the conditions under which they might be worth considering as a bet.  However, Donn privately notes more than just those five horses every week.

In HTF Private, for a small monthly fee, we allow subscribers access to Donn’s thoughts on more of the horses he has noted during the previous week. These are horses that may be worth backing in the future as long as conditions (ground, track, distance, opposition, trainer form, jockey, draw, odds, etc.) are right. As a rule of thumb, these horses are generally worth a second look for their next three runs. A list of some winners on HTF Private is at the end of this page.

The notes on each horse on HTF Private are generally not as extensive as the short essays on the free Horses To Follow service, but the sentiment is the same – that these horses may be under-rated by the market in the future, possibly given a certain set of conditions. Below is an example of a note on HTF Private:

Eartha Kitt did well to get as close as she did in the 6f fillies’ handicap, coming from off the pace to get involved in a three-way photo. The pace held up well, the winner and runner-up Pixeleen and Magical Dreamer were prominent from early, and it was difficult for the hold-up fillies to get involved. Eartha Kitt wasn’t held up out the back, but she raced in mid-division and she finished best of all, going down by just a short head and a head. She is only three and this was just her eighth race, so there should be more to come from her. This 6f is probably her trip, and she will be of interest again in a handicap off her new mark of 97, just 2lb higher than the mark off which she raced here. (Newmarket, 7th October 2017)

While you are signed up to HTF Private, you will receive an email with a PIN every Friday. The PIN will allow you access to the HTF Private members area of our website with notes on the horses who ran during the previous week that Donn thinks will be worth following in the future. Simply key in the PIN in order to view the list of horses, together with the reasons why and the conditions under which Donn thinks each horse is worth following.

The fees for HTF Private are:1 month – €20
3 months – €55
6 months – €100
12 months – €190
*Fees are exclusive of VAT at 23%
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Winners highlighted in HTF Private include:

Earth Kitt (MP 6/1), Laurens (SP 10/1), Blakeney Point (SP 100/30), Road To Dubai (SP 7/1), Darkanna (MP 11/2), Jallota (MP 7/2), Mukalal (SP 9/2), Monarchs Glen (MP 13/2), Blakeney Point (MP 11/1), Laugh A Minute (MP 20/1), Bateel (SP 5/1), Remarkable (SP 10/1), Leader Writer (SP 10/1), Anna Nerium (SP 40/1), Donjuan Triumphant (SP 4/1), Liquid Amber (SP 10/1), Mustashry (MP 3/1), Secret Advisor (MP 10/1), Lagostovegas (MP 9/4), Tangled (MP 12/1), Bertiewhittle (MP 14/1), Euchen Glen (MP 12/1), Bateel (SP 11/2), Kimberella (SP 9/4), Mustashry (SP 5/1), Tigris River (MP 7/1), Battaash (SP 9/2), Truth Or Dare (SP 6/1), Roly Poly (32/10), Anna Nerium (SP 6/1), Inshiraah (SP 9/4), Fun Mac (SP 96/10), Tithonus (MP 12/1), Mittens (SP 3/1), Lualiwa (MP 5/1), Roly Poly (MP 2/1), Raheen House (SP 7/2), Battaash (SP 5/2), Ulysses (SP 8/1), Dance King (SP 8/1), Sharp Defence (MP 4/1), Lualiwa (SP 3/1), Mittens (SP 2/1), Century Dream (SP 2/1), Le Brivido (SP 2/1), Golden Apollo (MP 5/1), Rattling Jewel (SP 7/2), Amlad (MP 6/1), Time To Study (SP 15/8), Enable (SP 6/1), Another Touch (SP 9/4), Rusumaat (MP 12/1 [R4]), Frontiersman (MP 9/2), Danielsflyer (SP 25/1), Champagne Classic (MP 20/1), Two Taffs (SP 3/1), Project Bluebook (SP 9/2), Road To Respect (MP 13/2 [R4]), One For Arthur (MP 16/1), Atirelarigo (SP 15/2), Max Ward (SP 9/2), Fit To Be Tied (SP 5/2), Celestial Magic (SP 11/4), Presenting Percy (SP 11/1), Might Bite (SP 7/2), Road To Respect (MP 20/1), Penhill (SP 16/1), Labaik (SP 25/1), Ball D’Arc (SP 2/1), Thomas Crapper (MP 10/1), San Benedeto (SP 100/30), Debece (SP 5/2), Presenting Percy (SP 2/1), Shanroe Santos (SP 5/1), Coo Star Sivola (MP 2/1), Dadsintrouble (SP 6/1), Gardefort (MP 4/1), Beyond Conceit (SP 5/2), Plus Jamais (SP 9/4), I Just Know (SP 13/8), Belami Des Pictons (SP 7/4), Slowmotion (SP 9/4), Kalondra (SP 15/2), Isleofhopendreams (SP 11/2), Otago Trail (MP 5/1), Goodtoknow (SP 4/1), Foxtail Hill (MP 14/1), Penhill (SP 3/1), One For Arthur (SP 14/1), Modus (MP 10/1), Garde La Victoire (MP 2/1), Kerrow (SP 4/1), Shantou Bob (SP 10/1), Colin’s Brother (MP 6/1), Brain Power (SP 12/1), Beware The Bear (SP 5/2), Vieux Lion Rouge (MP 11/1), Onefitzall (MP 5/1), Minella Daddy (MP 3/1), Blue Kascade (MP 7/2), Sub Lieutenant (MP 9/4), Kenny The Captain (SP 8/1), Queen’s Trust (SP 8/1), Masham Star (SP 14/1), I’dliketheoption (SP 5/2), Muffri’Ha (SP 8/1), Sweet Selection (MP 9/1), Weekend Offender (SP 5/1), Muffri’Ha (MP 7/1), Spark Plug (SP 12/1), Dal Harraild (MP 5/2), Urban Fox (SP 11/4), Distant Past (SP 9/1), Clem Fandango (SP 11/4), Wicklow Brave (SP 11/1), Alice Springs (MP 6/1), Captain Colby (SP 6/1), Valley Of Fire (MP 5/1), Sea Of Grace (SP 7/2), Berkshire (SP 8/1), Kilmah (SP 5/1), Tanaza (SP 9/4), Nearly Caught (SP 7/1), Quest For More (MP 6/1), Hollywood Road (SP 5/1), Boom The Groom (SP 11/1), Loaded (SP 3/1), Stellarta (SP 7/1), Ribchester (SP 11/4), Haqeeba (SP 8/1), Hollywood Road (MP 7/2), Mehronissa (SP 5/1), Oh This Is Us (MP 6/1), Thikriyaat (MP 5/2), Boom The Groom (SP 13/2), Choral Festival (SP 5/2), Highland Reel (AP 7/1), Hawkeyethenoo (SP 12/1), Mont Kiara (SP 11/2), Loaded (SP 15/8), Chant (SP 7/1), Maths Prize (SP 5/4), Monsieur Joe (SP 7/2), Decorated Knight (SP 9/4), Red Tea (SP 7/2), Best Trip (SP 6/1), Golden Steps (MP 8/1), Magic Circle (MP 11/2), Yorkidding (MP 14/1), Sea Of Grace (MP 5/4), Alice Springs (MP 6/1), Hawkbill (MP 8/1), Sandro Botticelli (MP 12/1), Hoof It (MP 10/1), Fingal’s Cave (SP 6/1), Markaz (MP 7/1), Twilight Son (MP 9/2), Hawkbill (MP 7/1), Usherette (MP 5/2), Alveena (SP 5/2), Oh Grace (MP 2/1), King’s Pavilion (MP 14/1), Koptoon (MP 12/1), Examiner (SP 11/2), George William (MP 6/1), Revolutionist (SP 8/1), Cuff (MP 3/1), Only Mine (SP 16/1), Master Blueyes (MP 11/2), Global Applause (MP 11/2), Awtaad (MP 6/1), Jallota (MP 7/1), Steel Of Madrid (MP 7/2), Revolutionist (MP 3/1), Algometer (SP 13/8), Sir Valentino (MP 10/1), Baku Bay (MP 4/1), Wings Of Desire (SP 9/1), Cuff (MP 2/1), Zabana (MP 5/1), Imperial Prince (SP 8/1), Apple’s Jade (MP 4/1), Arzal (MP 11/2), Taj Badalandabad (MP 8/1), Don Cossack (MP 7/2), Unowhatimeanharry (SP 11/1), Ivanovich Gorbatov (MP 6/1), Superb Story (MP 10/1), Blaklion (MP 12/1), Ibis Du Rheu (MP 18/1), Empire Of Dirt (SP 16/1), Minella Rocco (SP 8/1), Altior (SP 4/1), Sutton Place (SP 12/1), Taweyla (MP 11/4 [R4]), Daveron (SP 6/1), Delgany Demon (SP 8/1), Shades Of Midnight (SP 4/1), Mount Gunnery (MP 9/4), Top Gamble (MP 5/2), Vivaldi Collonges (SP 3/1), Willoughby Hedge (SP 4/1), Blaklion (SP 4/1), As De Fer (MP 3/1), Ballyboker Bridge (SP 9/2), As De Fer (MP 8/1), Local Show (MP 11/2), Alpha Des Obeaux (MP 2/1), Nearly Nama’d (SP 4/1), Spice Fair (SP 7/1), Rigadin De Beauchene (MP 5/1), Pearls Legend (MP 8/1), Simply A Legend (MP 7/1), Harry’s Farewell (MP 12/1), Voix D’Eau (MP 5/2), Sky Khan (MP 14/1), Withernsea (MP 16/1), Jack Dexter (MP 15/2), Drop Out Joe (SP 11/1), Found (SP 4/1), Simple Verse (SP 5/1), Musaddas (MP 12/1), Fort Del Oro (MP 9/2), Drop Out Joe (MP 6/1), Gifted Master (SP 4/1), Chain Of Daisies (MP 14/1), Wordiness (MP 8/1), Simple Verse (SP 8/1), Steps (SP 7/2), The Corsican (SP 4/1), Mr Lupton (MP 20/1), Rex Imperator (MP 7/1), Castle Combe (MP 6/1), Racing History (MP 7/1), Simple Verse (SP 11/1), Elhaame (MP 8/1), Algonquin (MP 6/1 [R4]), Adaay (MP 11/1), Muir Lodge (SP 8/1), Enlace (MP 7/1), Holy Grail (SP 16/1), Belvoir Bay (MP 8/1 [R4]), Pastoral Player (MP 16/1), Mount Logan (MP 9/1), Chain Of Daisies (MP 5/4), Great Park (SP 4/1), Forest Maiden (MP 11/1), Off Limits (MP 10/1), Astronereus (MP 6/1 [R4]), Cymro (MP 15/2 [R4]), Ainippe (SP 3/1), Zarwaan (MP 5/1), Master The World (MP 6/1), Arab Dawn (MP 8/1), Trip To Paris (MP 16/1), Duca Valentinois (SP 9/2), Meshardal (MP 7/2), Spirit Raiser (SP 8/1), Lily’s Rainbow (MP 8/1 [R4]), Cable Bay (MP 6/1), Peacock (MP 5/4), Western Hymn (MP 5/1), Duca Valentinois (MP 14/1), Round Two (MP 9/4), Storm The Stars (MP 7/2), War Singer (SP 5/1), Mahsoob (MP 7/2), Collaboration (MP 5/2), Crack Of Thunder (MP 11/2), Sort It Out (MP 8/1), Ballyadam Approach (SP 12/1), Don Cossack (AP 6/1), Major Malarkey (SP 11/4), Felix Yonger (MP 8/1), Top Gamble (MP 4/1), Sizing Granite (MP 11/2), Thistlecrack (SP 25/1), Rajdhani Express (SP 10/1), Taglietelle (MP 8/1), All Yours (MP 20/1), Jimmy Two Times (MP 12/1), Phone Home (SP 20/1), Milansbar (SP 10/1), Martello Tower (SP 14/1), Irish Cavalier (MP 14/1), Fine Rightly (SP 6/1), Soll (MP 6/1), Runswick Royal (MP 4/1), Glingerburn ((MP 11/4), Violet Dancer (MP 22/1), Village Vic (MP 11/4), Keel Haul (MP 5/1), Carole’s Destrier (MP 5/2), Arpege D’Alene (SP 5/2), Mr Mole (MP 4/1), Saint Are (MP 5/2), Invicta Lake (SP 20/1), Ned Stark (MP 5/1), Some Plan (SP 2/1), Dawalan (MP 3/1), Desilvano (MP 11/10), Foxrock (SP 6/1), Mallowney (SP 8/1), Tonvadosa (MP 4/1), McKinley (SP 33/1), Sizing Granite (SP 7/2), Ptit Zig (MP 6/4), Kitten Rock (MP Evens), Martello Tower (MP 5/2), Sizing John (MP 12/1), Clarcam (MP 10/1), The Young Master (SP 3/1), Three Kingdoms (SP 4/5), Dawalan (MP 7/1), Monetaire (MP 5/2), No Buts (MP 8/1), Dunraven Storm (SP 7/2), Exitas (MP 4/1), Kernoff (MP 7/2), Jamaican Bolt (MP 10/1 [R4]), Beautiful Ending (MP 6/4), Suzi’s Connoisseur (SP 5/1), Albasharah (SP 5/1), Al Thakhira (MP 3/1), Telmeyd (MP 7/4), Accession (SP 16/1), Milly’s Gift (MP 5/2), Renaissant (MP 4/1), Huntsmans Close (MP 11/1), Sleepy Sioux (MP 6/1 [R4]), Stomachion (SP 15/2), Glory Awaits (SP 11/2), Fury (SP 3/1), Elhaame (SP 9/4), Sultanina (SP 11/2), Sir Maximilian (MP 7/2), etc.